I’ll meet you where the moonlight falls
I’ll meet you where the statues stand
I’ll meet you beneath the falling walls
We await the gods to show their hand

Amongst the ruins

Feel the warmth of the unconquered sun
Light the torches, the swords of the sun
He looks down with a mocking laugh
At the fools lonely in the dark

Amongst the ruins

We rise with the life rune
And we fall with the death rune
We will wait beneath the yew together
We will lie beneath the yew together

Amongst the ruins


Red-mouthed Conch - Conomurex luhuanus

Also known as Strawberry Conch, and Blood-mouthed Conch, Conomurex luhuanus (Littorinimorpha - Strombidae), was formerly named Strombus luhuanus. It is a sea snail with robust shells up to 80 mm found in the Indo Pacific waters. Most specimens have an orange-red aperture, hence the common name. A few, however have apertures either yellow or pure white.

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Photo credit: ©John Turnbull | Locality: Lord Howe Island, Tasman Sea (2014) | [Top] - [Bottom]

Non-24-hour sleep–wake disorder causes a person’s sleep–wake cycle to change every day, the degree determined by how many minutes or hours over 24 hours the cycle lasts. The cycle progresses around the clock, eventually returning to “normal” for one or two days before “going off” again. This is known as free-running sleep.

Laxdæla saga, chapter 12


Höskuldur: “I’d like to buy a female slave plz. How much for that pretty one over there in the corner.”

Gilli: “She’s defective and expensive.”

Höskuldur: “How so?”

Gilli: “She doesn’t speak.”

Höskuldur: “You call that defective? Come oooooon I’m married to the biggest tsundere ever you have no idea. Have all my money I want that one.”

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